Copy Editing & Proofreading Services

In case you are 100% confident that your document features an adequate English proficiency and you don’t need to perform an English language verification, you may want to have your academic paper copy edited as an initial measure. Copy editing mainly involves the processes of editing and proofreading for syntactic mistakes. Regardless of the length of the paper that you want to publish, you should have it revised by an expert copy editor. This way, you’ll make sure your document is free of any common mistakes.

Seeing as you’re very keen on the topic of your academic paper, your enthusiasm may have overwhelmed you, and you may have committed errors such as misusing or misspelling words. Another frequent error passionate authors make is that of having the impression that they notice terms or phrases that are in fact absent! For example, such mistakes as writing “begin” instead of “being” or “the” instead of “they” are frequently overlooked because the author visualizes what they meant to write instead of what they in fact wrote.

Here’s what copy editing services entail:

  • Editing sentence structure and style
  • Verifying the accuracy of punctuation marks (such as citation marks or commas)
  • Verifying for orthography mistakes
  • Verifying for typing errors or misused/misspelled terms
  • Comprehensive grammatical verification (word utilization, phrase construction, clauses, etc.)

A general perspective on expert copy editing services

Read on to find out how our expert copy editing services can be of use! We can accomplish so much more than your colleagues! In spite of the fact that your peers may be knowledgeable about your specific subject (same as we are), they don’t really understand your content like you do. A professional copy editor is very experienced when it comes to checking for mistakes. To put it simply, we instinctively look for the most common grammar and orthography errors.

Academic copy editing services designed for scientific documents

When it comes to tricky topics, like the ones covered in scientific publications, the qualifications of the person who copy edits your paper are essential. You’re in need of a person who has a vast expertise in academic copy editing. The copy editor you hire needs to make sure that your document doesn’t include any typing errors and other kinds of mistakes. In addition to that, they need to refine the content. Besides possessing the essential grammar, orthography and style verification skills, a professional copy editor is also knowledgeable about particular journal requisites.

Here’s what our academic copy editing services involve:

  • Verifying the reference format style
  • Making sure the style of your paper meets the journal requirements
  • Adequate utilization of terminology
  • Adequate utilization of capital letters or italics for specialized words
  • Uniformity in delivery of information
  • Adaptations in accordance to the subject and target audience

Our copy editing and proofreading services

When hiring our expert copy editing services, we’ll rectify errors in Microsoft Word by making use of the Track Changes feature. All you have to do is  approve or disapprove of the modification.

Our proofreading services entail a markup. This may either be the same as in the case of online copy editing, as exemplified before, or a duplicate of the file that includes copy editing and proofreading symbols. Your task as a writer of the paper is to decipher these symbols and then make the required rectifications alone. In other words, proofreading can be regarded as a type of “copy editing advice.» By correcting the errors yourself, you’ll learn from them, and you’ll be able to write much better papers in the future.

The fees for our services

The fees for our copy editing services vary in accordance with the scope of your work as well as the publishing targets. However, they are usually calculated based on the overall number of words. To find out more, check our Fees section.