Dissertation / Thesis Editing & Proofreading Services

In case you wish to hire a low-cost, minimal and hasty thesis/dissertation editing service, you haven’t come to the right place! On the other hand, if you’re ready to pay an equitable price for a high-end revision and refinement of your paper, we’re ready to serve!

Having another person read your piece of writing may be of great help. Most of the time, supervisors don’t have enough time to fix vocabulary, approach, and coherence problems significantly. However, our professional editors can assist you at any given time!

Our objective is pretty straightforward: we carry out an attentive revision and remove mistakes while also refining the vocabulary and academic style of the paper. Moreover, we also attempt to propose ideas on how to refine or expand the content. This way, you’ll be sure to get a higher grade.

Our end product will be a refined paper that has coherence and an assertive academic approach

Acquire the assistance
of professional academic editors

We’ll make sure that your paper is handed in its best form! Your dissertation or thesis will be revised by an academic proofreader who is highly experienced in your area of study.

Our proofreaders revise more than 2000 academic papers annually! We deal with a broad array of topics for students and PhDs from all across the globe. All of our clients are impressed with our results, and we strive to keep it like this!

Don’t get a bad result due to
errors of language and style

The majority of college guidelines claim that 10-20% of grades granted for college tasks ought to be for language skills.

With us, you can avoid getting a bad grade due to language errors. Moreover, we’ll refine your academic style as well as the flow and organization of your dissertation/thesis.

The best help for ESL
students or academics

We know it’s quite a challenge to write a dissertation/thesis in a second language, as there are a lot of cryptic stylistic rules. Lucky for you, our proofreaders have worked in the college environment and are well-aware of the professors’ criteria.

Seek the help of our
professional editors

The grade you get on your dissertation/thesis is pivotal to your ultimate degree classification! Hire us, and you’ll have a great advantage in the future!

Our manner of proofreading
and editing your paper

Our professional proofreaders can help you with your dissertation or thesis on a 24/7 basis. They will carry out a meticulous revision and a complete refinement of your paper. Seeing as we make use of the Track Changes option in Microsoft Office, you’ll be able to observe all of the things we’ve improved.

A proofreader with expertise
in your field

Your paper will be taken care of by a proofreader with certifications, expertise, and abilities pertaining to your area of study. This way, the proofreading process will be very accurate and will abide by the stylistic criteria in your field.

Our editors have an
incredibly vast experience

All of our employees have great certifications (bachelor’s, master’s and PhDs) and have studied at some of the best colleges in the US and the UK. Only 1% of the proofreaders who apply for a job here actually get hired, as our selection procedure is highly meticulous.

Reasonable prices with
quality assurances

We offer reasonable prices, and when you place an order you get a warranty of quality!