Journal Article Editing & Proofreading Services

Our professional journal article editing service is specifically tailored to suit the needs of all customers, regardless of what your mother tongue is — English or any other. If you’re a scholar and you want to publish your findings in a scientific journal or book or on a specialized website, this is the right place for you.

Our expert editors have a vast expertise when it comes to a vast array of areas of study, such as technology, medicine, sociology or law. With us, there is no way you can go wrong!

Nowadays academic issuing is 100% internationalized, and we’re well aware of the fact that it is pivotal for scholars and scientists from all across the globe to submit their findings to English language publications that usually have much better coverage.

All things considered, if you’re not a native English speaker, the most annoying impediment to publication is frequently the low quality of the vocabulary and syntax. However, this is nothing an expert editor can’t fix! Since editing the work of scientists and scholars is our area of expertise, we are fully capable of aiding you in prevailing over this obstacle.

Here are the reasons for which we are the best journal article editing service on the market:

  • Our expert editors can offer an excellent editing service
  • Our prices are very reasonable
  • We offer a warranty for customer confidentiality.

What our journal article editors can accomplish

Our professional journal article editing service concentrates on the following aspects:

  • Removing orthography, syntax and punctuation errors
  • Refining command of language and phrase organization
  • Comprehensible communication of ideas
  • Uniform vocabulary, orthography (either US or UK English) and style
  • Uniform implementation of the journal’s citation style (if needed)

By hiring our editors, you are entitled to an editing certificate. This document is needed by certain publications throughout the submission procedure. A certificate has the purpose of demonstrating that a manuscript has been subjected to professional editing. In case your paper is eventually turned down by a journal for poor English language, we will re-edit it without demanding any additional fees.

Expert academic editors

All of our employees are expert journal article editors. Some of them have diplomas in science or medicine. As such, they’re well aware of the degree of English language expertise that is needed for a journal article to be accepted and they can guarantee that this requirement will be fulfilled.

Incredible worth

Our company hires only expert editors who can offer services of the highest quality. Nevertheless, our prices are fairly reasonable, because we are entirely online, efficacious and adaptable.

Client confidentiality

We know perfectly well that a large variety of journal articles include classified and delicate data. This is why we’re extremely careful when it comes to confidentiality, and we guarantee that the content of your paper shall never be revealed to other people. If you wish to take your mind off this issue, we’re always willing to sign a non-disclosure consent.

To find out more about our customer confidentiality measures, take a look at our Privacy Policy.