Manuscript Editing & Proofreading Services

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We know that completing the first rough outline of your manuscript is a fascinating and magnificent feeling! However, once your exhilaration comes to an end, you may come to realize that your manuscript isn’t quite ready yet and that it requires additional work to attain its complete potential. But what to do next? How to proceed about this? In case you want your piece of writing to become a big hit, the right solution is to have your manuscript proofread and edited by an expert! A professional editor can assist you with refining the writing and can offer the in-depth assessment that is required to perfect your work!

The manuscript editing services that we offer make for the perfect combination of developmental editing and line editing. Our primary target is to improve the preliminary version of your piece of writing. This way, you’ll be able to focus on the creative process instead of wasting time on fixing errors. We can edit your manuscript at a professional level, and we have what it takes to aid you in becoming a better writer!

What are the services we provide?

  • We’ll edit your manuscript row by row. We’ll enhance coherence and flow while preserving your personal tone. The result will be a more powerful, considerably refined manuscript!
  • We’ll fix all orthography, syntax and typographical errors.
  • We’ll keep track of the modifications we make so that you could visualize and revise them. This way, you’ll have a full creative command!
  • We’ll propose ideas on how to enhance style, tonality, vocabulary, and syntax.
  • We’ll provide comprehensive criticism.
  • We’ll detect drawbacks as well as different problems that need to be fixed.
  • We’ll provide you with a brief outline of the work we’ve conducted, and we’ll express any significant concerns.

What varieties of manuscripts can you hire us for?

  • Books, short novels, and short narratives
  • Dramas and movie scripts
  • Poems
  • All kinds of nonfiction pieces of writing (such as memoirs or biographies)
  • Keep in mind that this service does not apply to periodical pieces or academic work. Fortunately for you, in case you’ve carried out this type of work, our company also offers Academic Editing and English Academic Editing (designed for ESL students) services.

We are well aware of the fact that writing a manuscript requires quite some deal of work, which is why we take all the necessary measures to make sure that your documents are 100% safe! With us, your copyright is fully protected from any claims. Moreover, your private information shall never be disclosed to anyone unauthorized! We are very experienced at using the majority of text processors. Uploading and downloading files on our website is an entirely secure process, as we make use of encryptions. Our professional editors have a vast expertise and can work with virtually any genre or format. We’re happy to assist you with your manuscript!

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