Medical Paper Editing & Proofreading Services

As you know, our company offers a vast array of writing services. Among these services, we take special pride in offering supreme-quality editing services regarding such complex and specific subjects and topics as biotechnology, medical instruments and tools, pharmaceutics, and other medicine-related themes. We are happy to collaborate with niche companies, as well as academicians internationally. Our unique experience and insight in such topics, combined with our utmost responsibility and quality of delivery, put us in a unique position in custom writing and editing market as we have, without a shade of false modesty, the most competent experts in medical writing and editing.

With our fair pricing, every penny you invest in your medical writings by addressing us is very well worth it, because our writers and editors are equally skilled in the fields of knowledge that they work with and in the English language writing in general. Our specialists have been doing it for a living for years now, so by now, they are doing their jobs almost automatically. This allows them to have their medical writing and editing ready much sooner than it normally takes any of other similar companies. This, in turn, allows us to adjust our pricing policy in such a way that even someone on a tight budget can still address us for our top-notch medical writing and editing services when needed.

We will naturally guarantee total confidentiality when you address us for assistance with your medical writing or editing, namely:

  • We will put together a draft of any medicine-related paper, including but not limited to medical research papers
  • We will edit your draft in full accordance with your requirements until the point of perfection and complete satisfaction
  • We will have an abstract written for you
  • We will proofread any medical writing for grammar, spelling and other possible errors for you
  • We will support your medical publication through all steps
  • We will have your medical publication translated into English in full accordance with all the applicable requirements for such publications in English

We also offer quite a range of more narrows and specific medical writing-related services, including: data quality control, language editing, literature analysis, medical illustrations, publication planning, and regulatory writing for both companies and academics working in such fields as biotechnology, medical devices and tools, pharmaceutics, as well as a number of adjacent fields and industries.

The specialists that we cooperate with are truly high-class, as they are all former or present / practicing medical writers and/or editors, publication support specialists, or even scientific directors or therapeutic area team leads. To cooperate with us, it is a must to be at least a post-graduate in medicine or one of the life-sciences (MD, MBBS, Ph.D., or a master’s degree). So, you don’t need to worry about your paper complying with the guidelines (CONSORT, GCP, GPP2, ICH, ICMJE, ISPOR, PRISMA, and STROBE).

What makes us stand out in our niche

  • Scientific background

We enjoy a vast experience in the fields of medical research and publication support, combined with our support of several languages

  • Global outlook

We have not been limiting ourselves to the US market alone. Instead, we have embraced other markets in Europe, Asia, and Latin America

  • Flexible pricing policy

We are interested in everyone who can be our customer, so you can take benefit of our medical writing and editing services even if your budget may seem a little tight to you

  • Full range of service

We can do anything you may need regarding medical writing and editing. This includes a full range of regulatory services, web and graphics solutions, as well as localization

  • Negotiability

Our mission is to help you get your writing published, so we are ready and willing to negotiate the amounts and nature of works that you expect of us

If you have any questions regarding our medical writing and editing services, please feel free to contact our support team.