Personal Statement Editing & Proofreading Services

Whether you’re applying for a master’s, Ph.D., medical residency or any other type of graduate program, the personal statement is pivotal to a successful outcome. You must be aware that you need more than merely a good piece of writing and that you are facing a unique analytical provocation.

Our expert editors have what it takes to efficiently improve and refine the language used in your personal statement.

Our personal statement editing services involve syntax and orthography verification, adjustments in phrase fluency, word utilization, construction, and coherence.

In addition to the edited file, we’ll also send you a useful essay critique, from which you’re bound to learn something.

When working on your personal statement, our editors will search for information regarding your college and add elements that may help you in the admission process.

Who should hire our services?

Our services are suitable for individuals who have already completed a preliminary version of their personal statement and would like to have a second pair of eyes look through it.

We can also do a great job for you if you want to apply for university, MBA, master’s or Ph.D. When editing your personal statement, we’ll make sure to preserve your own personal tone, in addition to refining the content and enhancing its eloquence. We’ll do our best to make your personal statement truly stand out!

Should you like to know more about the institution you wish to apply to, we’ll carry out a rigorous research regarding its reputation and departments, and we’ll offer you tactical recommendations.

If you need a general analysis of your paper’s advantages and disadvantages, we’re the right service for you!

Information about our business

We’ll do our best to assign your personal statement to an editor who has a degree in your area of study. In case we cannot find such a person, we’ll assign it to the employee who has received the best reviews from clients. This way, we’ll make sure you benefit from the best services.

We’ll carry out extensive reviews, and we’ll make sure to refine phrase eloquence and coherence. Moreover, we’ll reorganize your paper to showcase your exclusive abilities in the best light. We’ll also aid you in enhancing the narrative. In addition to that, we’ll offer a general assessment (linguistics and notions) and a comprehensive appraisal of your personal statement. This is a service that you won’t get with any other personal statement editing business! You can also select the “Track Changes” feature to visualize the modifications made by our editors.

You should underline distinct paragraphs in conformity with distinct colleges (for instance, college exclusivity, educational specialties, or concordance with your professional profile). This way, we’ll be able to edit it all together, which will lead to more affordable prices.

Please place a separate order for every fundamentally distinct paper. Each prompt ought to be regarded as a distinct essay.

Recommendations for the second edit:

  1. Once you receive the initial edit, you can adjust your personal statement (no more than 200 words) by utilizing the Track Changes feature. This way, you’ll be able to benefit from a second edit free-of-charge within a week.
  2. This second edit doesn’t extend to including other educational institutions, data or full rephrases, seeing as the number of words must be the same as that of the initial edit.
  3. The second edit will be ready in 1-2 days.

How it Works

  1. Create an account and introduce your data.
  2. Upload the documents and finalize the payment.
  3. You’ll receive the edited personal statement within the pre-established deadline.
  4. For a second edit, upload the edited file.
  5. Once the editor’s work is done, you can review it.